100 Unique Names to Call Your Submissive Partner – Spice Up Your BDSM Relationship

By Andrew Church

100 Unique Names to Call Your Submissive Partner

100 Unique Names to Call Your Submissive Partner

Are you looking for the perfect name to call your submissive partner? Look no further! We have compiled a list of 100 unique and exciting names that will add a touch of excitement and playfulness to your BDSM relationship. Whether you’re a mistress, a master, or simply looking to explore your dominant side, these names are sure to enhance the power dynamics in your relationship.

For the Dominant:

For the Dominant:

1. Mistress: Embrace your dominant side with this classic and powerful name.

2. Master: Command respect and authority with this strong and commanding name.

3. Sir: A traditional and formal name that exudes dominance and control.

4. Goddess: Elevate your status and make your submissive partner worship you.

5. Daddy: For those who enjoy a nurturing and caring dynamic with their partner.

6. Queen: Rule over your submissive partner with grace and elegance.

7. King: Assert your dominance and sovereignty with this regal name.

8. Commander: Take charge and lead your submissive partner with confidence.

9. Owner: Establish your ownership and control over your submissive partner.

10. Captain: Guide and navigate your submissive partner through the seas of pleasure.

For the Submissive:

1. Toy: Embrace your role as a plaything for your dominant partner.

2. Baby: Indulge in a nurturing and caring dynamic with your dominant partner.

3. Pet: Surrender yourself completely and become your dominant partner’s loyal pet.

4. Slave: Submit to your dominant partner’s every command and desire.

5. Servant: Serve your dominant partner dutifully and obediently.

6. Puppy: Embrace your playful and obedient side with this adorable name.

7. Sub: Embody your submissive nature and surrender to your dominant partner.

8. Kitten: Exude innocence and playfulness as you submit to your dominant partner.

9. Princess: Embrace your submissive role with grace and elegance.

10. Bottom: Explore your submissive side and give yourself fully to your dominant partner.

Remember, communication and consent are key in any BDSM relationship. Discuss these names with your partner and choose the ones that resonate with both of you. Have fun exploring your dominant and submissive sides!

Top 100 Unique Names for Your Submissive Partner

Top 100 Unique Names for Your Submissive Partner

Are you looking for a unique name to call your submissive partner? Look no further! We have compiled a list of the top 100 unique names that will make your partner feel loved, cherished, and submissive. Whether you prefer the traditional titles or something more playful, we have got you covered. Take a look at our list below:

  1. Master
  2. Baby
  3. Slave
  4. Mistress
  5. Servant
  6. Toy
  7. Princess
  8. Puppy
  9. Kitten
  10. Queen
  11. King
  12. Goddess
  13. Prince
  14. Sub
  15. Daddy
  16. Mommy
  17. Sir
  18. Madame
  19. Minion
  20. Captain
  21. Angel
  22. Devil
  23. Owner
  24. Giver
  25. Taker
  26. Guardian
  27. Protector
  28. Handler
  29. Warden
  30. Commander
  31. Enforcer
  32. Teacher
  33. Punisher
  34. Ruler
  35. Overlord
  36. Guide
  37. Director
  38. Leader
  39. Manager
  40. Supervisor
  41. Coordinator
  42. Administrator
  43. Secretary
  44. Assistant
  45. Attendant
  46. Caretaker
  47. Concierge
  48. Steward
  49. Curator
  50. Champion
  51. Hero
  52. Warrior
  53. Soldier
  54. Guard
  55. Defender
  56. Knight
  57. Admiral
  58. Captain
  59. Lieutenant
  60. Sergeant
  61. Private
  62. Corporal
  63. Officer
  64. Agent
  65. Investigator
  66. Inspector
  67. Agent
  68. Spy
  69. Scout
  70. Strategist
  71. Analyst
  72. Researcher
  73. Scientist
  74. Inventor
  75. Engineer
  76. Technician
  77. Designer
  78. Artist
  79. Creator
  80. Painter
  81. Sculptor
  82. Writer
  83. Author
  84. Editor
  85. Producer
  86. Director
  87. Actor
  88. Actress
  89. Dancer
  90. Singer
  91. Musician
  92. Composer
  93. Conductor
  94. Choreographer
  95. Stylist
  96. Designer
  97. Tailor
  98. Seamstress
  99. Model
  100. Photographer
  101. Makeup Artist
  102. Hairstylist
  103. Nurse
  104. Doctor
  105. Surgeon
  106. Therapist
  107. Counselor
  108. Psychiatrist
  109. Psychologist
  110. Healer
  111. Shaman
  112. Witch
  113. Magician
  114. Wizard
  115. Sorcerer
  116. Enchanter
  117. Oracle
  118. Prophet
  119. Mystic
  120. Sage
  121. Seer
  122. Medium
  123. Channeler
  124. Diviner
  125. Astrologer
  126. Herbalist
  127. Apothecary
  128. Alchemist
  129. Philosopher
  130. Explorer
  131. Adventurer
  132. Traveler
  133. Wanderer
  134. Navigator
  135. Pioneer
  136. Discoverer
  137. Settler
  138. Colonizer
  139. Scavenger
  140. Collector
  141. Archivist
  142. Librarian
  143. Researcher
  144. Historian
  145. Curator
  146. Biologist
  147. Botanist
  148. Zoologist
  149. Ecologist
  150. Geologist
  151. Astronomer
  152. Physicist
  153. Chemist
  154. Mathematician
  155. Engineer
  156. Programmer
  157. Hacker
  158. Technologist
  159. Analyst
  160. Scientist
  161. Inventor
  162. Artist
  163. Designer
  164. Musician
  165. Writer
  166. Photographer
  167. Explorer
  168. Adventurer
  169. Traveler
  170. Wanderer
  171. Navigator
  172. Pioneer
  173. Discoverer
  174. Settler
  175. Colonizer
  176. Scavenger
  177. Collector
  178. Archivist
  179. Librarian
  180. Researcher
  181. Historian
  182. Curator
  183. Biologist
  184. Botanist
  185. Zoologist
  186. Ecologist
  187. Geologist
  188. Astronomer
  189. Physicist
  190. Chemist
  191. Mathematician
  192. Engineer
  193. Programmer
  194. Hacker
  195. Technologist
  196. Analyst
  197. Scientist
  198. Inventor
  199. Artist
  200. Designer
  201. Musician
  202. Writer
  203. Photographer
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With so many unique names to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect one for your submissive partner. Remember to always communicate and respect each other’s boundaries. Enjoy exploring your dominant and submissive roles with these unique names!

Section 1: Traditional Names

Looking for some traditional names to call your submissive partner? Here are some classic options:

  • Mistress: A term often used to refer to a dominant female partner.
  • Master: A term often used to refer to a dominant male partner.
  • Slave: A name that emphasizes the power dynamic between partners.
  • Servant: A name that highlights the submissive partner’s role in serving their dominant partner.
  • Baby: A term of endearment that can be used to create a nurturing dynamic.
  • Toy: A name that suggests the submissive partner is there for the dominant partner’s pleasure.
  • Puppy: A playful name that can evoke a sense of loyalty and obedience.
  • Pet: A name that emphasizes the submissive partner’s role as a cherished possession.


Welcome to “Master”, the ultimate destination for all your dominant desires. Whether you are an experienced “master” or new to the world of domination, our products and services will cater to your every need.

At “Master”, we believe in the power dynamics between a dominant and a submissive partner. We understand the importance of finding the perfect name to call your submissive partner, as it sets the tone for your relationship. That’s why we have curated a list of 100 unique names to help you find the perfect one.

Our collection includes names like:

  • Princess: A name that exudes elegance and royalty, perfect for a submissive partner who enjoys being treated like a princess.
  • Toy: A playful and affectionate name for a submissive partner who loves to be used and enjoyed.
  • Pet: An endearing name for a submissive partner who enjoys being trained and controlled.
  • Servant: A name that emphasizes the submissive partner’s role as a dedicated servant to their dominant.
  • Master: The ultimate name for a submissive partner who desires to address their dominant as their master.
  • Mistress: A powerful and dominant name for a submissive partner who desires to address their dominant as their mistress.
  • Puppy: A playful and obedient name for a submissive partner who enjoys taking on a pet-like role.
  • Slave: A name that signifies complete submission and obedience to their dominant partner.
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Explore our website to discover more unique names and take your dominant-submissive relationship to new heights. Our products and services are designed to enhance your experiences and fulfill your deepest desires.

Remember, the right name can create a powerful dynamic in your relationship. Choose from our collection of 100 unique names and embark on a journey of dominance and submission like never before.

Disclaimer: “Master” promotes safe, consensual, and respectful practices. Always prioritize open communication, consent, and the well-being of all parties involved.



Looking for a unique name to call your submissive partner? Look no further than “Sir”! This classic term of respect and submission is perfect for establishing a dominant-submissive dynamic in your relationship.

Here are some reasons why “Sir” is the perfect choice:

  • Authority: Calling your partner “Sir” instantly establishes a power dynamic, with you as the submissive and your partner as the dominant.
  • Respect: Using “Sir” shows your partner the utmost respect and admiration for their leadership and guidance.
  • Submission: By addressing your partner as “Sir,” you are acknowledging your desire to submit to their commands and wishes.
  • Intimacy: “Sir” can create a sense of intimacy and closeness between you and your partner, as it is a term reserved for private moments.

So, whether you’re a pet, toy, master, slave, princess, servant, puppy, or baby, calling your partner “Sir” is sure to enhance your dominant-submissive relationship. Embrace the power dynamic and let “Sir” guide you to new levels of pleasure and fulfillment.



Introducing “Daddy” – the ultimate name to call your submissive partner!

Are you looking to spice up your relationship and explore the world of domination and submission? Look no further than “Daddy” – a name that encompasses care, protection, and control.

Calling your partner “Daddy” can create a power dynamic that allows you both to explore your deepest desires. It can evoke feelings of vulnerability, trust, and obedience, leading to a more intense and fulfilling connection.

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Here are some reasons why “Daddy” is the perfect name for your submissive partner:

  • Puppy: Calling your partner “Daddy” can make them feel like your loyal and obedient puppy, ready to please and follow your every command.
  • Toy: “Daddy” can transform your partner into your personal toy, someone to be played with and enjoyed at your leisure.
  • Princess: For those who enjoy a touch of femininity, “Daddy” can make your partner feel like a cherished princess, pampered and adored.
  • Slave: “Daddy” can establish a power dynamic where your partner becomes your willing and devoted slave, ready to serve your every need and desire.
  • Baby: Calling your partner “Daddy” can create a nurturing and caring environment, where they can regress to a childlike state and feel safe and protected.
  • Servant: “Daddy” can turn your partner into your loyal servant, ready to fulfill your every whim and desire.
  • Master: For those who enjoy switching roles, “Daddy” can also be a name for a submissive partner to call their dominant, creating a powerful and exciting dynamic.
  • Mistress: Similarly, “Daddy” can be used by a male submissive partner to address their female dominant, adding an extra layer of power play.

So why wait? Embrace the power of “Daddy” and take your relationship to new heights of pleasure and exploration. Your submissive partner will thank you for it!

Section 2: Creative Names

Section 2: Creative Names

Looking for some creative names to call your submissive partner? Here are some unique options:

  • Pet: This name can show your affection and ownership over your partner. It can also symbolize the care and attention you give them.
  • Baby: Calling your partner “baby” can create a sense of vulnerability and dependence, perfect for a submissive dynamic.
  • Princess: If your partner enjoys feeling pampered and worshipped, calling them “princess” can be a great fit.
  • Toy: This name can emphasize the idea of your partner being an object for your pleasure and amusement.
  • Puppy: If your partner enjoys being playful and obedient, calling them “puppy” can reinforce those dynamics.
  • Mistress: This name can be used if your partner enjoys taking on a dominant role, even in a submissive dynamic.
  • Servant: Calling your partner “servant” can emphasize their role in serving and fulfilling your desires.
  • Master: If you are the dominant partner, calling your submissive partner “master” can reinforce their submission and your authority.

Remember to always communicate with your partner and ensure that any names or labels used are consensual and mutually enjoyable.

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